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Let's Get You Headed in the Right Direction

Face it, finances can be complicated. And even when you think you have things under control, it's just common sense to get more information before you make big decisions. At KEMBA Financial Credit Union, we offer our members a range of resources designed to provide money management insights and advice.
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Financial Counseling

If anyone knows as much about consumer finances as the KEMBA team, it's our partners at GreenPath Financial Wellness. This nationwide not-for-profit partners with credit unions to provide debt management, credit report reviews and other consulting services. Best of all, your conversations are confidential - and most services are free.
Toll-Free Information Line: Call GreenPath today at 888.279.8261 to connect with a kind, caring, NFCC-certified counselor. No appointment necessary.

Unlimited Counseling Sessions: A trained counselor will work to understand your financial situation and help develop a customized budget and detailed action plan.

Debt Management Plan: If debt is a concern, your counselor can help you help you prioritize payments, negotiate payment amounts, and set up payment schedules with your creditors. (Note: Debt Management Plans may be assessed a monthly service fee. Please ask your counselor for details.)
Credit Report Review: Greenpath will help you evaluate your credit report, show what factors lead to your score, and describe how to dispute inaccurate information. (You can get a copy of your credit report from GreenPath for a nominal fee. State restrictions may apply).

Housing Counseling: As a HUD-approved housing counseling organization, GreenPath can educate you on the ins-and-outs of home-buying. Counselors can also discuss topics such as reverse mortgage counseling and foreclosure prevention.

Online Education

  • Visit GreenPath for tools and tips you can use today
  • Call GreenPath at 888.279.8261 to connect with a kind, caring, NFCC-certified counselor. It’s free, no-pressure, and 100% confidential.
  • CheckRight is an online education module designed to teach you how to manage a checking account
  • Register now for an upcoming free financial webinar or browse GreenPath's recorded webinar archive.

Financial Literacy

Improve Your Financial Position

Knowledge is power. That's true with any topic, but it's especially the case when it comes to finances. At KEMBA, we make it our mission to bring you up to speed on all sorts of money matters.

Financial Counseling & Budgeting

  • Let us put in one more good word for GreenPath Financial Wellness, an organization that can help with everything from mortgage counseling to credit report reviews to budgeting advice.
  • Our KEMBA team has also chipped in with tips that can help you manage your budget and keep your finances on track.

Protecting Your Identity

  • Securing your personal information is important to you - and to us. Want to know more? Check out our anti-fraud, anti-ID theft guide
  • The Federal Trade Commission is the top government agency for fighting fraud, scams and ID theft. Check out their online update to keep on top of the latest trends.

Learning Banking Basics

  • No one is born a financial expert. To get the most out of home loans, credit cards and other credit union services and products, review these helpful tips
  • "Credit union" isn't just another way to say "bank." There are big differences - and big advantages to making the right choice. Here's the lowdown
Start Saving

Increase Your Savings

Are you best served with a traditional savings account? What are Money Markets all about? And do you have to be wealthy to benefit from KEMBA's financial services? Once you move beyond the piggy bank, there's a lot to learn about saving and investing.
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Traditional Ways to Save

  • In putting together a saving strategy, it’s important to consider your short-term and long-term needs and research the best rates. For example, a Certificate may earn a higher rate of return, but a Money Market offers more flexibility. Whatever questions you have, we’re happy to help.
  • More of a visual learner? You can watch this short video to discover more about the savings tools available.
  • Most of us work too hard on an everyday basis to give much thought to retirement planning. But the earlier you start, the better. Take a few minutes to learn more about various types of retirement savings.
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Making Large Purchases

For most families, the two biggest financial commitments are homes and vehicles. Choosing which ones to buy is only half the battle. Knowing all your financing options is also important.
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Buying a home

  • Some mortgages have fixed rates. Some have adjustable rates. Some last 15 years - others last 30. And then there are government-backed housing programs that offer a range of advantages. There's a lot to know. Here's a good way to start the learning process.
  • Plus, you can also take advantage of complementary home-buying counseling from our partners at GreenPath Financial Wellness.
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Improve your existing home

  • Major renovations can include everything from new kitchens to pools and patios to home office space. Many of these can be pricey, but one affordable funding source is borrowing against your home’s equity. Our partners at GreenPath Financial Wellness can help determine what makes sense for you.
  • A quick primer: Home equity funds come in two forms. There's a traditional home equity loan with a fixed rate and stable monthly payments. And there are lines-of-credit - loan funds that you can tap into over and over again for pretty much any purpose. Invest some time into seeing which might work best for you.
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Time for a new car

  • New or used? SUV, sedan, or pickup? Many factors come into play when purchasing a vehicle. It’s important to be prepared. And it pays to get pre-approved for your loan so there’s less haggling at the dealership. Find out more about financing a car.
  • Looking for some specific advice? Check out these four things to consider when financing a car.

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Paying Off Debt

When it comes to finances, "debt" is the ultimate four-letter word. But knowing how to manage it can ease the stress of your situation.
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Credit card solution: It’s important to monitor your credit card rate. By transferring your balances to a card with a lower rate - such as a KEMBA Visa - you may be able to avoid extra charges and pay off debt faster. Compare rates on our cards and those issued by other financial institutions.

Refinance student loans: You've got your degree, but you may still be saddled with student debt. Consolidating your private and federal loans may help you pay them off faster. Check out the details, including FAQs. Or go ahead and check out our rates.

Dealing with high-rate bills: Multiple options exist to address debt. You might already know about using a personal loan or home equity loan. But are you aware you can refinance your car loan and take advantage of the equity in it to pay off higher rate bills? Come talk to us about how to determine your best path.

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