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Business Banking Partner
Let’s Talk About a Business Banking Partner

Shanna opened her business in January 2020 and was blindsided by the pandemic two months later. She spent months building her store front, hiring employees and stocking shelves, only to have COVID-19 rock her business with major revenue losses, leaving her unable to meet payroll. She turned to KEMBA, her business banking partner, for help.

Overcoming Financial Hardships
Let’s Talk About Overcoming Financial Hardships

Chris and his family were among thousands of Central Ohioans directly affected by COVID-19. He reached out to a KEMBA member service representative for help and was surprised to learn of all his options. Listen to Chris explain how KEMBA helped him get back on his feet.

Reaching Financial Dreams
Let’s Talk About Dreams

Kathleen and Rodney were merging households and personal debt. KEMBA helped them consolidate their credit card debt to make their financial goals more attainable.

Personal Finance
Let’s Talk About Personal Finances

Natalee is an innovative educator who found KEMBA’s approach to personal finances refreshing. She explains how KEMBA helped her think outside of the box and achieve more.

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